Works in Progress

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Official Works In Progress:

‘Selected Short Stories’ Collection

Volume I

The Brandt Essex Adventure Series:

  • Tiger Poppy – a renowned botanist and Colonel chase thieves through war-torn Afghanistan to stop a rare substance from falling into the wrong hands.
  • The Sultans Choice – an official of the world’s most secret Sultan plans to use an ill-acquired nuclear device without his knowledge.
  • Geo-Catch! – a rogue USGS geologist tries to induce a polar shift by setting off all the volcanos in N. & S. America.

Additional Volume I Works:

  • The Green Fez – an assassin for hire globetrots in a chase to capture his back-stabbing employers.
  • Between the Trees – a backwoods bootlegging murder mystery in an old-fashioned ghost story.
  • Ranch 111 – a history trekking, barely make it out alive hiking adventure ghost story.
  • A Walk in the Park – a gripping urban crime-noir tale of a next-door-neighbor New York murder mystery.
  • Isabella’s Desperation – a timeless medieval chronicle sampling of the Spanish Inquisiton.
  • A Girl in the Sun – a deeply character revealing emotional coming of age thriller.
  • Vitreous Humour – a warped deeply disturbed psychological medical murder mystery with a darkly funny twist.
  • Volume II
  • Transit of Mars – a heavenly hosted mind-bending life itself questioning philosophical sci-fi
  • Soulstream – a team of scientists discover a globe encircling net of supernatural energy
  • Angels of Elizabeth – a coming of age contrast of priviledge and poverty and conquering of the human condition
  • A Piece of Bread – a young boy sees a robbery gone murder and seeks a priests assistance
  • The Manager’s Suite – A witty whodunit as the guests of a posh hotel lock-in line up as suspects
  • Winter on the Open Plain – a timeless saga of the struggles of a pioneer family to hold on to their land
  • The Object of Moriah’s Desire – struggles and bonds between children of two families of different faiths in Jerusalem
  • Lesser Shakespeare – a poor actor/writer’s incredible rise to stardom against impossible odds
  • Tall Orders – a native american’s connection with his tribal roots through an unexpected discovery
  • The Wolf and the Sea – a fandom continuation of Henry David Thoreau’s The Shipwreck
  • Mystery Writer’s Murder Club – a group of murder writers take turns committing the acts of each other’s stories

Completed Film Scripts:

Feature Length Film

  • Tiger Poppy (Script) 93 minutes, Action/Adventure

Adapted from the 2007 short story. A Special Forces Colonel pursues thieves through war-torn Afghanistan to stop a powerful substance from falling into the wrong hands.

Short Film

  • A Piece of Bread (Script) Crime Drama, 12 minutes

A 9 year old boy who witnesses a botched robbery turned murder and the priest who works to uncover the truth.

• Loop 5 (Script) Science Fiction, 17 minutes

A scientist travels an hour back in time only to become trapped in a time loop with horrific consequences.

• You Gotta Be $hi**ing Me (Script), 27 minutes

A freeloading 30-something celebrates a new job and apartment with his buddy only to fall under an ancient Chinese curse making everything he eats turn to money…until the curse is lifted.

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