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As a 2016 summa cum laude graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with a dual BA in Creative Writing and English with a focus in Screenwriting, Todd has written, directed, and produced three award-winning short films and written one award-winning feature length Action/Adventure.

Crossing genres, Todd has won awards at Cannes’ Screenplay Contest, the London Film Awards, and twice at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival. Todd enjoys writing Comedy, Crime Drama, Science Fiction, and Action/Adventure. Many of Todd’s screenplays are adapted to the silver screen from his short stories.

Todd entered the filming industry as a Script Supervisor in the middle of 2015 on a short film in Dallas, Texas. Since, he has supervised the script for seven film productions, both commercial and short, many also award-winning, and gained the experience, initiative, confidence, and encouragement to produce and direct his own work.

Growing up in suburban Dallas, Texas, Todd observed a rich cosmopolitan tapestry of people and environments that contribute to his life experience. In an effort to overcome profound unilateral hearing loss at age three, Todd’s mother taught him to read very young. By Kindergarten, he was bringing books to show and tell. After successfully performing the lead role as ‘Bill’, in an 8th grade performance of Paul Weirick’s 1960 Musical ‘Swinging High’, Todd realized his passion for acting, stageplay, theater, and the entertainment industry.

Todd Lowery’s writing interests are at least as diverse as his work background. Having worked as an automotive mechanic’s apprentice, a commercial fence company owner, an emergency incident tow operator, a new car salesman, an environmental laboratory operations director and as a commercial truck lease operator, Todd has gained along the way a variety of personal and professional experiences and developed a broad range of additional interests that fuel his writing. He is a prolific researcher of academic material and retains an encyclopedic range of information on a variety of topics. Currently Todd is finishing up a dual cognate MBA in both Healthcare Management and Supply Chain Management.

Todd is the quintessential professional late-bloomer in Entertainment and other industries. Beginning in the early 2000s, at the ripe young age of 38, Todd discovered his remarkable ability to write virtually without revision, and his deep introspection, unfiltered analytical critique, and vividly visual fast-paced fiction and screenplay. Starting academics late in life enhanced his efforts to finish his undergraduate degree with precision and comprehension that experience and discipline from hard work and motivation delivers and to continue in his Masters.

With early works of non-fiction such as an historical and artistic analysis entitled ‘Bernini’s Sculpture Apollo and Daphne’ and in-depth comparative analysis entitled ‘Income Disparity and the Ethics of Taxation At and Near the Poverty Line’, Todd excelled in non-fiction english composition which served as the impetus for his interests in fiction, creative writing, and ultimately to screenwriting.

Todd’s passion for inventing fiction both in print and for film often revolves around historical people, places, and events. He enjoys taking a kernel of truth and building a believable, yet fictional and transformational world around it. Whether it is from a photograph, some historical event, meaningful and notable person, event, or circumstance, or some inspirational piece of literature, most of what Todd delivers is a rich fusion of innovative twists blended with intensely researched authentic detail.

With nearly seventy short stories completed, or in various stages of completion, three award-winning short films, an award-winning feature length film adapted from short story, and a novel underway expanding from the film and short story, he is compiling and developing a purely award-winning collection and library of literature and script, his ambition is to explode onto the film and literary markets as a tidal wave.

In addition to his work as a short story author, screenwriter, and novelist, Todd enjoys contributing writing for Examiner.com on their entertainment subsidiary, AXS.com.

Todd covered as an AXS press representative, the 2015 Valentine’s Day appearance of Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band in Tyler, Texas, and Carlos Santana’s Corazon Tour at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas. Todd has also been a contributing writer for CNN’s sister station, HLN (HeadLine News) at the news agency’s online presence, HLNTV.com as front page news.

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