Writing The Corazon Tour – Santana AXS article

AXS Santana The Corazon TourHolding an especially dear meaning and elevation of an already mythic legendary status, The Corazon Tour 2015 is proving to be consistent with the spiritual quintessence that is Carlos Santana. This year offers a wide host of 16+ collaborative efforts from notable artists including Ziggy Marley and Gloria Estefan. Additionally, and perhaps even more historic The Corazon Tour is Santana’s first all-Latin tour since its inception sometime before 1967.

Researching this long list of hugely popular, entrancing and beautiful yet heavy hitting talent was no easy task. Delving back into each one’s available histories from magazine and news articles, Wikipedia, Youtube and the artists websites themselves made writing this piece as much a pleasure for me as it was lesson in history and music, especially Latin music. All of the artists hold a special connection with Carlos and his influence as arguably the most recognizable and best known Latin pioneer in all of Classic Rock. Having made some of the earliest successes at that moment in time known as Woodstock, Santana has continuously delivered one Platinum album after another with a massive list of over 60 former members of the band.

It was such an honor to pen the pre-event article, and the story is really just beginning. On this St. Patrick’s Day eve of the March 18th show I look back at just what this tour actually means in Classic and Latin Rock history and I realize I am a part of it, and I think, “Wow!” The real work will come late tomorrow night after the show. I will consolidate the evening’s highlights and refine my notes into the best description I can produce. Check back this weekend for a follow up to this article. Happy reading!

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