Hooray! Upcoming Publications!

We’re not quite sure of the exact timeline – tentatively by this coming Summer of ’15. Soon, each of you very elite select early fans can most definitely enjoy looking forward to a special fan exclusive preview of the first installment of a four volume collection of Todd Lowery short stories!!!  In this long-awaited first volume, The Brandt Essex Adventure Series will be making its publication debut. Among these first three stories written in the series to date will be the highly prized and peer-reviewed Tiger Poppy already written into a feature length film script! Following Tiger Poppy in the volume will be the next two stories in The Brandt Essex Adventure Series – The Sultan’s Choice and Geo-Catch!, bringing the current list of Brandt Essex stories up to date (when it’s all said and done there could be as many as twelve or more!). In addition to these you can also expect to see: Assassin for hire story – The Green Fez; Thriller favorite, backwoods moonshine running ghost story – Between the Trees; History-trekking and barely make it out alive ghost story – Ranch 111; Gripping urban crime-noir story – A Walk in the Park; Timeless medieval Spanish Inquisition chronicle – Isabella’s Desperation; Deeply revealing and emotional thriller – A Girl in the Sun; Medical psychological murder mystery – Vitreous Humour; and lastly, heaven-hosting philosophical sci-fi – Transit of Mars.

As you can see, Todd’s been really busy building up a battery of works for your reading pleasure fulfillment in Volume I. Depending on the response he gets and his own personal desire, some, if not many or all of these short stories may find their way to novel and film as Todd gains momentum and traction in the industry. Just know this one important and special thing for sure about yourself as you read. You are seeing the world debut notice of his emerging work for the very first time. This is truly historical. So, if you want to be a part of history, here’s your chance! Feel free to leave a comment or question.

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